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Chicago Blackhawks Win the 2015 Stanley Cup

by Cesare Della Santina

In 2000, Cesare Della Santina founded CDS Brokers, which has evolved into CDS Foods, a Quebec-based importer of quality food products from countries around the world, such as China, India, and Peru. Away from work, Cesare Della Santina enjoys watching professional hockey, and his favorite team is the Chicago Blackhawks.
In the 2015 Stanley Cup finals, the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning after a 2-0 victory in game six of the best-of-seven series. The broadcast of the 2015 Stanley Cup ranked second on the all-time list of television viewership with more than 5.5 million fans tuning in to each game.
The championship win capped a spectacular year for the Blackhawks. Throughout the postseason, right wing Patrick Cane, a potential future hall-of-fame inductee, led all scorers with 11 goals and 23 total points en route to the franchise’s third championship title in the last six years. Chicago’s Stanley Cup win sparked energy and enthusiasm around the city, with celebrations ranging from the customary trophy parade to Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville finding the trees at his home covered in toilet paper.                            
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