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More popular fall produce items

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With the fall season quickly approaching, many produce departments are growing closer to making several changes, including the addition of several showcased items. Ranging from both fruits and vegetables, fall is defined by these unique produce foods as they are included in seasonal recipes and decor.

I previously explored several popular fall produce items in a previous blog, but here are a few more of the season’s biggest favorites.


As one of fall’s biggest “poster foods,” Squash holds the distinction of being both a decorative fall image and a key ingredient in many seasonal recipes — especially those related to the endless varieties of spaghetti squash. Fall stands as a great harvesting period for squash, as it occurs during the tail end of summer squash season (which ends in October) and the beginning of winter squash season (which begins around the same time). Therefore, it is no surprise that the gourds have solidified a fall niche amidst this important transitional phase.

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