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The healthiest vegetables in the product department

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Vegetables have long been regarded as a crucial part of the human diet. The major section on the food pyramid is comprised of a many foods, each providing a unique set of flavors, preparation possibilities, and most importantly health benefits.

Most vegetables are coveted for some type of health-related characteristic, but here are five of the healthiest ones on the market.


Onions can do much more than make you cry and add some kick to a recipe — these layered vegetables contain cancer-fighting antioxidants that are mostly plentiful through raw consumption. Deep frying and cooking onions at high temperatures — as they are commonly prepared — can actually reduce the vegetable’s cancer fighting potential, but their health benefits go beyond this important characteristic; they also aid in the reduction of inflammation and infection. Furthermore, onion juice has been found to reduce the pain of bee stings if applied shortly after a sting occurs.

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